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 Hello  I am Herb Nightingale from Gig Harbor Washington.   Check my blog for the latest.   Also I am writing for two sport web sites  This is all about University of Washington football and basketball .   The Other site is    It is about the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Check them both out. 

My Passion for Life Purpose

    I have been writing a blog for some time called look at life  purpose. My reason is to encourage people in doing their purposes through their gifts and talents. It is the reason we were created. Our greatest joy will be to help others through these gifts and talents given to us by Good.  Click on 

Seattle Mariners Baseball

Ever since I can remember I have had a love of baseball. I have this web site to write about the Seattle Mariners. If you are a fan too check it out. If there is any thing you like me to add just let me know thanks..  Click on   thank you 

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